Furry Black Handcuffs

SM048 – Furry Handcuffs  


SI-BD-1000 (RED) 1001 (BLACK) 1002 (PINK) 1003 (PURPLE) 1004 (WHITE 


(Could be called: Lock ‘Em Up Furry Cuffs, Consent & Comply Furry Cuffs) 


-Metal Alloy Handcuffs 

-Removable Faux Fur Cuff Sleeve 

-Safety Release Levers 

-Comes with 2 Keys  


Upgrade your bedroom essentials with a classic pair of furry handcuffs! Lock up your lover with these soft faux fur lined cuffs for a comfortable restraint so you can take control. Slip the liner off the cuffs if you’d like to walk a finer line between pleasure and pain. Want to try something a little kinkier? These are the perfect start! 

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