Dynamic Duo Grey

SI-ML-8059 (GREY), SI-ML-8060 (BLUE), SI-ML-8061 (CLEAR) – TPR Bead Ring/TPR 8-Ring 

Lucky Charm or The Dynamic Duo 


-High Quality TPR Ring set 

-Material Retains Body Heat 

-Super Stretchy, Yet Sturdy 

-Inner Diameters: 20mm (8-Ring), 18mm (Bead Ring) 


This set of cock rings is sure to make you go all night with harder and stronger erections! This set gives you the best of both worlds, providing both popular styles of rings in one package. The beaded ring provides added stimulation for both partners. The 8-Ring can be used for extra erection maintenance; one band stretches around the base of the shaft and the other band stretches around the balls providing a much longer play session. These rings will be a constant pick from the nightstand!  

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